September 2008 - Work Work Work

Serious work on the outline began this month. Because four stories take place simultaneously, the outline can get quite overwhelming, and it is very time consuming.

To make sure the psychological analysis of the main character was correct (as the whole story contends on his motivations), I spoke with a psychology professor on campus to get his feedback. He helped hammer out a feasible reason that the main character does what he does. He also pointed me in the right direction to finding solutions to other story devices involving drugs (to knock out characters).

Additionally, I spoke with my finance professor to see if he had ideas on how to raise money. He told me to get non-profit status to entice investors. Immediately I began searching for how to make that happen.

At this point, realizing that getting money was harder than originally thought, I took the bare-bones approach to budgeting and whittled it down to $80,000.

As far as the story goes, at this point the characters were pretty much developed. Extensive text-book character studies were made for the main characters. The film takes place as four stories: the main kidnapping scenarios, the kidnapper’s’ backstory (David Lindale), and the two victims’ backstories (Maggie Anderson and Daylen Gordon).

For a class in school, one of our major projects was developing a 30-minute script. For that 30 minute script, completing David's story (1/4 of the 120 page script) seemed like a logical choice since his motivations are key to the film’s believability. This month, I made the outline for his story.

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