January 2008 - David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green has become one of my heroes over the past year. He is a filmmaker who has created some of the best films around. If you’ve never heard of him, you should watch all of his films. Every one is a gem. His most recognizable film is Pineapple Express, which is a departure from his more intimate preceding films. His films and philosophies on life and movies are a huge inspiration, and I had tried to get in touch with him for the past couple months.

After contacting everyone around him, his fantastic composer, David Wingo got back and said he would be happy to forward a message to David Green. I just wanted to tell him how his movies had inspired me. Note: in the script there are characters David Lindale, Daylen Gordon, and Delia Greenly. Can you find “David Gordon Green”?

Hopefully the message will go through to him. I would love to get his verbal support in the movie.

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