March 10, 2008 Making a Movie is Easy

On Monday, March 10, 2008, in auditorium number five (in the middle, on the left side), while watching the Bank Job, my mind was wandered. I was thinking about a short film I was working on and thinking about the production differences between the current project and The Bank Job (or any movie for that matter). I thought more and more about it and realized that the differences between a short film and a legitimate movie are not as great as many people might imagine.

In the most basic sense, the only difference between a short film and a movie (at least in my mind at that time) were the camera that is used, the actors involved, the length, and the time available to spent fine-tuning the story, acting, sets, costumes, editing, and music.

At that time I had thought a lot about my future and how dissatisfied a 9-5 job would be. School was not very satisfying, so the alternative to continuing education or entering the workforce was simply “making a movie.”

From that night forward my mind would at least have a direction to wander: the logistics of making it happen, what will the story be about, and documenting thoughts, interactions, moments, and conversations witnessed to create a dynamic movie.

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