December 2008 - PR, Logistic, and the Radio

Exhausted from writing and not-yet-recovered from the semester, I had to put the engine into idle. I took a semi-break from the movie-watching drought, and started multitasking. DVD commentaries are kind of like listening to the radio, which works well for monotonous tasks …like e-mailing hundreds of producers. So, several days were spent getting on Facebook and going further down lists of people to contact. By the way, DVD commentaries are excellent for anyone interested in filmmaking.

With the limited success of the “spreading the word” campaign, the inevitable turn to product placement seemed necessary. Also, with the logistical details needing organization, I broke down every scene in the script by scene title, scene description, scene purpose, characters, costumes, location, location pre-planning required, props, set details, people to help, product placement opportunities, time of day, time to film, time to set up equipment, time to rehearse, and time on screen. This was a way to really get organized and go through and assimilate which companies to pursue for product placement. The list took close to a week to put together.

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