December 2008 - Facebook

Facebook…That halfway defines this month. The only way to spread the word about the project was to reluctantly start a Facebook account…but it’s for the movie…so it’s not like REALLY having a Facebook…right? Anyway, I set up an account and sent personalized messages to every single person I know to try to catch up for all those lost years, to inform them about the project, and to get them to watch the video.

The original idea was that everyone I knew would donate a little bit and it would be the piecemeal film of the century…No. There was limited success, but at least I got to catch up with a lot of people I’ve missed. After the “everyone I know” Facebook approach, I figured that on every movie has a few hundred people working on it, so who better to tell about the movie than those people? So I contacted several hundred people that way, again with limited success. The next and more intelligent approach was contacting the producers on my favorite films. Thus far, a few producers have replied, but, realistically, nobody’s going to put their neck out for someone they don’t know. Also, Facebook is not the most professional of mediums, but the plan was all about quantity over quality. Maybe it was the wrong way to go about it, but the idea was that the website was effective and the message wouldn’t matter as much, so getting the word out to as many people as possible was the way to go about it.

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