January 2008 - The Crew

During the contacting process, a lot of my closest friends were generous enough to offer their help on the project. One friend, Travis, is a fashion designer and offered the use of his dresses in the project. And many others offered rain checks on the project. It’s going to take a lot of people to pull this thing off.

Enlisting the long-term, stable crew was also a priority. My long-time friend, Riley spoke to me about his sister’s trying to start in entertainment law in LA, and he talked me up to her and told me to contact her. Her name is Abbott, and she was very enthusiastic about the project. Currently she has to check with the Judge whom she’s working for to see if legal consulting on this project is possible, but it’s looking very likely that she will be able to help on it, and I’m very excited about it.

Following up with her interest in casting, I talked again to Leeanna to see if she was still interested. I had been vague on the casting process because I didn’t know how far in advance to start the process. After finishing the script and understanding the time/financial commitments of actors, it might be best to start the casting sooner rather than later. She is in a demanding program this spring and is currently not sure whether or not she will have time to do it, but we’ll see how things turn go.

The third potential associate contacted was Ahreum Kim. She was my T.A. in our Film and Video I class. She was always enthusiastic, kind, knowledgeable, good with equipment, incredibly motivated, and always gave good feedback. One of her life goals is to be a member of the highly-competitive American Society of Cinematographers. Since our film class, she had been in my mind as someone who’s going places, and I thought we would work well together well and that she might like to be a cinematographer on a feature film. She was very enthusiastic about it, but naturally had a few private reservations about the time commitment and other matters.

The fourth contact is my long-term friend, DJ. We were both workaholics at the local movie theater, and I asked if he would like to be the sound man on the film. He has outstanding work ethic, he’s a quick learner, he’s been looking for an opportunity to shine, and we are really good friends and trust each other. He is also looking in to personal matters to get the logistics together for taking said amount of time off.

If all goes through, the main people to contact now will be casting, explosives technicians, and getting together all the logistics involved (locations, casting, costumes, food, and props). And of course, continuing to find financing.

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