May 2008 - Film Commentaries and Re-watching

As a move obsession grew over the course of several years, my goal was initially to watch as many possible films as possible. I knew what the story was, and watching a film for the second time would be meaningless. However, after seeing too many movies, the story lines started blending together and just watching any old movie became boring.

In 2007, I started re-watching some of my favorites to make me feel the way I knew I would feel when watching t hem. Anyway, the point is that I now watch fewer movies and enjoy watching my favorites more than once to learn. The second point is that in May, I dove into studying my favorite films, watching many of them again to refresh myself, then again with the commentary tracks to hear about the movie from the source.

Commentaries are a fantastic tool for anyone interested in films on any level (practical or recreational). If you’re interested in commentaries, to start, I’d recommend David Gordon Green’s (write/director) films, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Snake Moan. And for the whole commentary/special feature package, the Criterion collection is a great place to start (esp. Wes Anderson’s and Traffic). Also, Robert Rodriguez, David Fincher, and Ridley Scott usually put together some of the best DVDs around.

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