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Sorry for the lack of posts and photos. Twitter has been much easier to do mini-updates in the event that anyone ever wants to see what's going on.

In the interest of documentation, here's a photo and the DVD of what we sent to Sundance. We submitted a rough cut on September 16, but they won't let us know if we're in or not until December. Then the festival is in January.


November 2009 - A Picture

October 2009 - A Picture

September 2009 - A Picture

Production Diary

Production Diary

This is a very boring read, but it maps out every day of production in skeleton form. Pictures will be added evnentually

Day 1 – 9/5/09
Full day rehearsal with Danny Hassel/Daylen

Day 2 – 9/6
Danny script work, Taylor Engel/Maggie arrives
Taylor/Danny/DJ – get to know each other exercise – Truth or dare

Day 3 – 9/7
Danny/Taylor read through script
Makeup Meeting with Sarah-Beth and Jessica – Jessica takes over
Watch Fear DVDs
Discussions on co-interaction and stamina

Day 4 – 9/8
Finish script read through with Danny/Taylor
Filmed rehearsal of industrial factory scene in parking lot
Discussions on stamina and co-interaction
Maurice Winsell (Toll Booth Dean) and Danny rehearsal for theme park scenes

Day 5 – 9/9
Taylor and I meet Nola (Little Girl in the movie)
Late start for rehearsal
Attempt rehearsal exercises
Emana Rachelle, Jeremy Windham, and EJ Graff arrive for diner rehearsal with Taylor
Photo meeting with Elissa (production designer), and Joe De Sciose (photographer)
Danny solo work – fear
John Arturo arrives (cinematographer)

Day 6 – 9/10
Danny and Taylor exercises – read it like _____, walking, and character dialect
Show Behind The Scenes of films for inspiration
Production work with John and DJ
*FIRST SHOT – plant burial scene 11PM-3AM
Problems – no lighting on the field, police interruption, problems drawing power from cars, location contact not present
Melora Walters agrees to do the film in January instead of during the bulk of filming in August

Day 7 – 9/11
Filming industrial factory scene Day 1 of 4 – 8AM-8PM
Tough shoot – very physical work, hard rainfall, hurried 80 foot crane shot, props mistake, audio problems (not noticed during filming), enormous location made for slow filming and difficult communication

Day 8 – 9/12
Filming industrial factory scene Day 2 of 4 – 8AM -8PM
Same conditions

Day 9 – 9/13
Diner scene – 11:30AM-10PM
Approx. 30 extras
Problems – shoot taking longer than agreed with location, not enough time to get close ups, not enough coverage of one scene because everyone was tired – we come back later for close ups and additional coverage

Day 10 - 9/14
Work on scheduling
John and DJ work on house inventory and misc production construction/errands
Scout party scene location
Taylor/Dr. Philip Cox rehearsal for Coffee Shop scenes

Day 11 – 9/15
-Ava Kelly/Lisa arrives from New York and rehearses with Danny and Alaana Jordan/Park Worker Ana for party scenes
-Taylor and Matthew Martin/Manager Richie go out for lunch to get to know each other
-Coffee Shop scene filming
Extras - 10
Problems – Location agreed to allow unlimited filming time and restricted the time to 4 hours when we arrived (NOT ENOUGH TIME), and the location would not let us turn off the fridge which made for bad sound

Day 12 – 9/16
Taylor and Matthew Martin/Manager Richie rehearsal for grocery store scenes
Nadine Sisson/Park Manager and Danny rehearsal for Daylen firing scene
Ava , Alana, and Danny phone recording
Problems – none
Party Scene – 6PM-3AM
Extras – 30 (100 promised/needed)
Problems – difficult lighting, not enough extras (event coordination problems)

Day 13 – 9/17
E-mail and phone call work
Record Store shoot
Problems – none

Day 14 – 9/18
PROBLEM - Theme Park location backs out as we drive to filming location
PROBLEM - Grocery store location backs out
Buy props, etc.
Work on car flip coordination and other misc. logistics
See movie – “9”

Day 15 – 9/19
Phone scene with Taylor and Gloria Lundberg/Maggie’s Mom/my Grandmother
Problems – the key to the scene was to give my grandmother a brownie so she would concentrate on getting brownie out of her teeth instead of “acting”
Dream sequence shot of Danny in a big paroking lot

Day 16 – 9/20
Industrial Factory Day 2/3
Problems – focusing
Location scouting for apartment interiors

Day 17 – 9/21
Phone calls all day trying to secure grocery store location

Day 18 – 9/22
Matthew Martin/Manager Richie and Taylor walking with couch scene
Problems – 1 hour into filming, we realized the sound was bad. We had to re-scout and film that day before Matthew had to be at work that afternoon
Corporate meeting with Western grocery stores – new grocery approved
Dramatic evening

Day 19 – 9/23
Find accountant for SAG – Ben Jones steps in to help. Otherwise a payroll house must complete work.
Supplies for lake (tire, barrels, etc.)
Rehearsal for lake scene
DJ, John, and Danny build raft

Day 20 – 9/24
Lake shoot day 1 – 4AM – 6PM
Problems – boat breaks down at 6AM, difficult landscape and logistics to shoot a scene on a raft, break pond tune boat overhand, difficult to make tire swing

Day 21 – 9/25
Lake shoot day 2 – 4AM-6PM
Problems – overnight storm changes tire swing location and water level, DJ fixes tire swing, and Danny makes home-made waves
Myles Webb/Myron arrives in Birmingham
Stay up late fixing broken lake items (pond tune awning and deck light)

Day 22 – 9/26
Clean up lake house – strong downpour
Taylor and Jazelle London rehearsal for plant store scene
Plant store scene
Extras – 10
Problmes – difficult lighting
Stranger in the Parking Lot scene
Leaving plant store happy scene
Overall 5PM – 2AM

Day 23 – 9/27
Car flip day
Problems – poor location, poor planning, bomb squad contact backing out to help, trying to gather materials too late
The car flip failed, and we smashed a window instead to simulate a car crash
Myles and Danny hang out

Day 24 – 9/28
Myron and Danny hang out and rehearse
Bob Fitts/Paul/Manager Gordon rehearsal with Danny
Shoot family portrait of the Gordon’s
e-mails and scheduling catch up

Day 25 – 9/29
Meeting with Grocery store general manager, errands
Danny/Myles/Bob scenes at Gordon house and driving around neighborhood scenes (2PM-11PM)
Problems – running out of light, strapping camera to car takes a little bit of time

Day 26 – 9/30
More Gordon house driving scenes 1PM-4PM
Problems – timing issues
Picking up Myron at the school scene 4PM-7PM
Problems – running out of light

Day 27 – 10/1
Sunrise shot for fast food scene with Danny and Myron – 4:30AM-9AM
Problems – sun coming up makes lighting match hard, used production van to block light, focus issues, costume continuity with jacket
Scene – Myron plays guitar, Danny says “hey”
Problems – promptness
Jocelyn Druyan/Maggie’s Mom arrives very late – airport pickup and go over costumes

Day 28 – 10/2
Jocelyn and Dean Elmore/Stranger scene – “getting directions”
Problems – none
Jocelyn/Taylor rehearsal
Location Scouting for driving shots

Day 29 – 10/3
Open Mic Scene
Extras – 30 kids, 10 adults
Problems – location
School Hallway scene
Problem – focus pulling
Location scouting

Day 30 – 10/4
Jocelyn/Taylor/Matthew – big grocery store scenes – 6:30AM-6PM
Problems – rain on equipment, cursing in front of patrons, miscommunication regarding technique

Day 31 – 10/5
Jocelyn/Taylor/Grandmother – more phone call scenes
Problems – continuity of blanket
Plant store additional footage shot to extend scene (man-lift shot)
Problems – Missing costume
Danny/Alana rehearsal

Day 32 – 10/6
*Theme park crisis – scout most of the day to find location alternative after theme park location completely backs out
Nervous Driving scene
Problems – shooting at incorrect resolution, mic battery dies, exposure problems
Myron and Jocelyn go home

Day 33 – 10/7
Grocery Store shoot (after the phone call and name tag scene) with Matthew Martin, Taylor, Dylan Dunn, and the Dunn Family
Problems – none
Location scouting and Bomb squad meeting
Victoria Mullen/Flower Shop Owner arrives
Mark Boone Junior arrives, go over costume

Day 34 – 10/8
Sunrise shot – Toy Store – 4AM-9AM
Problems – race against the light, camera visible in window reflection, stopping cars from parking in spaces
Boone rehearsal – solo and with Victoria

Day 35 – 10/9
Apartment complex exterior shoot and driving shots (end of the movie and leaving/arriving at apartments) 4AM – 11PM
Problems – tenant car continuity, story continuity thinking, forgotten costumes, props suitcase lost on the interstate, finding apartments to use on the day, finishing before nightfall

Day 36 – 10/10
Junk yard shoot – 10AM-2PM
Problems – took longer than expected
Hospital Shoot – 2-4PM
Problems – finding the room
Middle of nowhere landfill pickup shots – 4-7PM
Problems – unstable terrain, running out of daylight

Day 37 – 10/11
Delivery truck inserts, driving shots 9-3PM
Problems - none
Danny rehearsal with Alana
Kidnapping Daylen scene 8-10PM
Problems – waiting on a lava lamp to warm up

Day 38 – 10/12
Flower Shop scenes - 9-5:30
Problems – running out of time, fridge water dripping, original flower shop dropping out one week before filming
Taylor leaving restaurant – 5:30 – 7PM
Problems – forgotten costume piece

Day 39 – 10/13
Theme Park scenes part 1 with Danny, Maurice, Alana, and Boone – 7AM-3PM
Problems – promptness, focus
Park – shattering glass – 3PM-830PM
Problems – glass shatters in larger radius than anticipated, difficult clean up, running out of light to clean up

Day 40 – 10/14
Grocery Store scenes with Boone and Taylor – 9AM-11AM
Problems – previously-acquired pay phone is stolen
Look for replacement pay phone and nearly get arrested

Day 41 – 10/15 - 4PM-7PM
Theme Park Day 2 with Danny and Nadine/Park Manager – 8AM-4PM
Problems - promptness, rain delays, missing costume piece, cloud coverage
Grocery Store phone scene
Problems – losing daylight, getting into the moment

Day 42 – 10/16
Explosion scene day 1 -
Problems – promptness, coordination of everyone and the location, walking everyone through all actions too too much time, steadicam delays in assembly, BOMB SQUAD BACKS OUT THE DAY BEFORE THE EXPLOSION, make up delays, tire burning learning curve, costume purchase delays

Day 43 – 10/17
Theme Park Day 3 – with Danny, Alana, and Boone – 10AM – 5PM
Problems – promptness, focus, cold weather and summer costumes

Day 44 – 10/18
Grocery store scenes – Boone and Taylor (loading dock and storefront) – 9AM-3PM
Problems – sun changes, DJ (soundman) gone
Van kidnapping scene – 7PM-10PM
Problems – lighting realistically

Day 45 – 10/19
Toy Store scene – 9AM-2PM (trying to secure art museum)
Problems – customer intrusion
Delivery Headquarters – exterior shot – 2-3:30PM
Problems – coordination from across-the-street parking lot, directions to location
Delivery Headquarters – 4-7PM
Problems – blocking daylight, time constraints, dealing with real business

Day 46 – 10/20
Library scene – 630AM-9AM
Problems – dropping Red camera, logic delays
Boone inserts of driving and dragging bench (in quarry) 9AM-1230PM
Problems – difficult terrain
Art Museum – 1230PM-2PM
Problems – location clearance challenges, short filming time, no lighting allowed
Delivery Truck – Dosing Danny and Taylor – 2-4PM
Problems – none

Day 47 – 10/21
Puzzle heist and montage – 10AM-2PM
Problems – finding location the day of
-Since the first bomb squad backed out the day before the explosion, 4 other bomb squads agreed to do it and subsequently backed out. The day before the newly planned explosion, the Gadsden bomb squad agreed but not without a permit from the state fire marshall. Arranging for a permit 3 hours before close was nearly impossible.
Football stadium shot – 4PM
Problems – Boone gets recognized during a stolen shot, we get in trouble and aren’t allowed to film it – but we steal it anyway

Day 48 – 10/22
Explosion day – shooting day 2
Problems – promptness, costume issues, logistics, explosion rehearsals take time, explosions don’t work properly, fighting daylight, cloud coverage

Day 49 – 10/23
Salon scene 9AM-1PM
Problems – cloud coverage delays
Boone leaves

Day 50 – 10/24
Taylor apartment shoot – interior night – 7PM-12AM
Problems – DJ is off

Day 51 – 10/25
Taylor apartment shoot – interior day – 7AM-10AM
Problems – none
Courtney’s diner reshoots and Bob Fitts/manager scene – close ups and other scene reshoot – 12PM-5:30PM
Problems – refrigerators sound issues and time
Apartment redecorate
Emergency recasts of 2 characters – Grocery Lily and Grocery Jeff

Day 52 – 10/26
Grocery scenes – Hannah Hughes and Judson Entrekin and Taylor 9AM-3PM
Problems – extras inconsistencies
Grocery inserts and additional close up shots (John shoots)
Problems - none

Day 53 – 10/27
Sylacauga shoot with Danny and Taylor – waking up – 6AM-12PM
Problems - rain
Cullman reshoots with Danny and Taylor – 12PM-4:30PM
Problems – running out of time

Day 54 – 10/28
Industrial factory day 4 – audio reshoots
Problems – focus, nearby train audio delays
Danny apartment interior shots
Problems – focus
Ghetto reshoots – apartment exterior shots with Taylor
Problems – focus, we left the microphone in the ghetto overnight
Dream shot and sleeping shot with Taylor
(Dramatic morning with Danny – 2 hour delay)

Day 55 – 10/29
Get to theme park to shoot, but we forgot to get the microphone
Danny driving shots
Danny apartment interior night shots – 7PM-4AM

Day 56 – 10/30
Theme Park day 5
Opening sequence with Danny (driving and arriving at toll booth) – 10AM-6PM
Problems – numerous coverage, accidental deleting of footage

Day 56 – 10/31
No filming – prepare for road trip

Day 57 – 11/1
Leave for road trip
Problem – extreme car problems – don’t leave until 4PM
Arrive in Fort Smith, Arkansas at 3AM – sleep at grandmother’s house

Day 58 – 11/2
Driving all day
Sleep in Dodge City, Kansas

Day 59 – 11/3
Get materials in Garden City, Kansas
Drive to Chalk Pyramids – look at pyramids with Rick the crane operatore
Camp in Chalk Pyramids

Day 60 – 11/4
Film all day in Chalk Pyramids – Crane day
Problems – difficult terrain, cold weather at night, fighting light, crane visibility, crane noise
Night shoots
Problems – abrupt film end

Day 61 – 11/5
Film all day in Chalk Pyramids
Problems - focus
Night shoots
Problems - cold

Day 62 – 11/6
Film in the morning
Problems – abrupt film end
And insert shots as DJ takes care of car problems

Day 63 – 11/7
Location scouting and purchasing supplies in Rapid City, SD

Day 64 – 11/8
Filming in Rapid City, SD
Problems – difficult terrain, running out of light, not enough coverage, missed long shot opportunity

Day 65 – 11/9
Driving all day
Sleep in Denver – nice hotel (donated hotel points)

Day 70 – 11/10
Arrive in Leadville, CO
Location scouting, clothes purchasing, and props preparation

Day 71 – 11/11
Filming – snow river scene
Problems – difficult terrain, altitude tiredness

Day 72 – 11/12
Filming – walking in the snow scene, snowfight
Problems – no John, audio difficult to capture

Day 73 – 11/13
Filming – top of the mountain scene
Problems – snow chains, snow very deep, cold weather, tiredness

Day 74 – 11/14
Filming – crane day – establishing shot walking up the mountain, and sledding down the hill shot
Problems – lots of coverage for a single day, moving the crane

Day 75 – 11/15
Filming – sledding inserts, additional shooting of dialogue shots
Problems – promptness
Driving at night, have to stop in Vale, CO because of the snow

Day 76 – 11/16
Driving to Salt Lake City, UT

Day 77 – 11/17
John and I scout the Salt Flats
Purchase props

Day 78 – 11/18
Filming – Salt Flats and crane day – 4AM-4PM
Problems – focus, lizard movement

Day 79 – 11/19
Drive to Arches national park
Film – Arches
Problems – focus

Day 80 – 11/20
Drive to Albequerque, NM

Day 81 – 11/21
Drive to Oklahoma City, OK

Day 82 – 11/22
Filming – smoke bomb scene in Oklahoma
Problems – locations disagreements, costume delays focus
Road trip ends


Sunrise Still

This shot is a little dark, but it's a still from a moving camera shot. The orange dot is the light from a raft (click on the image to see a larger image).

We woke up at 3:30 AM to get this sunrise shot on the lake.


Elissa's phone shots

Three quick cell phone pictures from Elissa's phone (many more taken by professional photographer, Joe De Sciose)

Professionalism - Boone and Melora

Professional Actors Mark Boone Junior and Melora Walters gave the green light for playing two of the leads in our film last week.

Boone acted in Batman Begins, Memento, Se7en, etc: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0095478/filmovote

Melora acted in Magnolia, The Butterfly Effect, Cold Mountain, Big Love, etc: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001828/filmovote OR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5OOKoVOzxs

It took over eight months for them to agree and to get schedules worked out, but it's very exciting to be able to work together on the film :)

Brion's Finished Paintings

These are Brion Barron's paintings around which our plot is based.


Boat to Explode

Here's a boat at our landfill location that the owners are allowing us to blow up.

Real Patch

Custom-embroidered theme park patch. Design by Korey.

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More copy/paste from Twitter as there is no time to write a proper update.

1. Trying to figure out a cheap alternative to insurance so we can get our scenes filmed (#missingpieces)9 minutes ago from web

2. Nick and Ryan have been scouting forever, and today they have a strong lead for a working Geo Prism & location for car flip (#missingpieces)about 1 hour ago from web

3. Ordered the Iron & Wine vinyl album prop for the movie! Sweet relief of a big burden (#missingpieces)about 1 hour ago from web

4. apparently, the movie was covered in one of Birmingham's local papers (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

5. Pauleka arranged for coverage in American University's newspaper! (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

6. scouting Danny's new apartment. Cool place, but it won't work. The search for appt.s continues :( - hangin' w/ Danny (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

7. e-mails at the library (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

8. picked up an expensive 300mm lens to borrow for production from our generous photographer, Joe De Sciose (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

9. rehearsal with my grandmother for 2 hours at Panera Bread (#missingpieces)about 2 hours ago from web

10. IRON AND WINE'S MUSIC/ALBUM COVER WILL BE IN THE MOVIE!!! CHOICE #1 for music licensing!!!! 2 months of negotiations! (#missingpieces)7:00 PM Sep 2nd from web

11. Secured the 110 foot crane from the 11th to the 13th for the big industrial factory scene (#missingpieces)4:39 PM Sep 2nd from web

12. $1,600 worth of professional business signage for $160 :) - Thanks www.Buildasign.com (#Missingpieces)3:11 PM Sep 2nd from web

13. Check out this guy's music. Fumio, one of our music supervisors found him - amazing - http://www.myspace.com/wess... (#missingpieces)2:19 PM Sep 2nd from web

14. paperwork, utilities, and leasing for the apartment set (#missingpieces)2:16 PM Sep 2nd from web

15. 1,700 real e-mails in 20 days -inbox only, not counting sent mail (#missingpieces)6:14 AM Sep 2nd from web

16. FIRST GREAT DAY EVER! Apartment - done, Car explosion location - done, grocery store - done, helicopters - done :D (#MissingPieces)10:31 PM Sep 1st from web

17. Has two options for a free helicopter for our action scene. Both coordinated by Reid Krackower - our savior! (#missingpieces)6:56 PM Sep 1st from web

18. Today is locations day - a meeting tonight with a grocery store (#missingpieces)6:15 PM Sep 1st from web

19. has a place to blow up the car!!!! Culman County Landfill. Landfill Manager "Tadpole" and I are buddies (#Missingpieces)5:42 PM Sep 1st from web

20. found THE apartment for filming! Now just trying to wrap the brain around it and adapt all the scenes to the given space (#missingpieces)1:45 PM Sep 1st from web

21. real people = I live in my head, and it's amazing that so many talented individuals would be donating their time and skills to this @analein1:34 AM Sep 1st from web

22. production is actually happening. Who knew. Now it's about coordinating tangible things on tangible dates with real people (#missingpieces)12:16 AM Sep 1st from web

23. why does it take 4 months of daily calls to NOT have permission to film in a grocery store, apartment complex, or quarry? (#missingpieces)4:23 PM Aug 31st from web

24. can't express how thankful he is that Pauleka is on board!!! She's our line producer, and she kicks butt! (#missingpieces)3:52 AM Aug 31st from web

25. working on scheduling, people coordination, logistics, legal, and general communication (#missingpieces)3:09 AM Aug 31st from web

26. Made instructions for background actors, spammed Craig's List, and research on acting (#missingpieces)11:29 PM Aug 30th from web

27. Coming up with instruction sheets for background actors in the movie (#missingpieces)3:06 PM Aug 30th from web

28. google earth grocery store scouting (#MissingPieces)3:05 PM Aug 30th from web

29. re-writes, and coordinating lots of folks to take care of business (#missingpieces)5:27 AM Aug 30th from web

30. met with our production designer and photographer to map out some upcoming stuff - i.e. backstory photo shoot (#missingpieces)5:26 AM Aug 30th from web

31. @wcabral E-mails better for me usually at responding, but we'll find a quarry - it's at the top of my list. Been trying since May2:05 AM Aug 29th from web in reply to wcabral

32. got the motivation to start re-doing the production schedule. Ugh. (#missingpieces)1:42 AM Aug 29th from web

33. @wcabral Sounds good, just give me a call tomorrow1:33 AM Aug 29th from web in reply to wcabral

34. pleading with folks to find a place to blow up our car (#missingpieces)1:32 AM Aug 29th from web

35. Sending feedback to lots of hard-working folks working on different aspects of the movie (#missingpieces)12:16 AM Aug 29th from web

36. contacting prospective supporting actors to work on the movie (#missingpieces)12:15 AM Aug 29th from web

37. meetings with a local high school and our custom t-shirt designer (#missingpieces)12:10 AM Aug 29th from web

38. making final offer and negotiations with Boone and Melora (#missingpieces)11:40 PM Aug 28th from web

39. Mark Boone Junior and Melora Walters are confirmed on the movie! Just one last detail with Melora's schedule (#missingpieces)11:40 PM Aug 28th from web

40. faxing legal documents to a landowner and returning some amazon items (#missingpieces)4:58 PM Aug 26th from web

41. Pauleka is organizing everyone who wants to help on production :) She's helping w/ tons of other stuff too (#missingpieces)2:12 PM Aug 26th from web

42. our costume designers are hard at work scouring the city finding the perfect pieces for our characters (#missingpieces)2:10 PM Aug 26th from web

43. has a car for filming - 91 honda civic with paint chipping (#missingpieces)2:10 PM Aug 26th from web

44. sorting out some actor to actor communication (#missingpieces)5:20 AM Aug 26th from web

45. has a bunch of supporting cast celebrity inquiries ready to go as soon as we are given the go ahead (#missingpieces)4:10 AM Aug 26th from web

47. Just got a direct e-mail from Boone :D - this is becoming very real very quick (#missingpieces)3:33 AM Aug 26th from web

48. has a new line producer! Pauleka Cooper, and she's already hard at work (#missingpieces)1:02 AM Aug 26th from web

49. Both of the actors will be leads in the movie!! If the scheduling works out (#missingpieces)1:01 AM Aug 26th from web

50. two of my favorite film actors are making their final decisions (#missingpieces)4:57 PM Aug 25th from web

52. panic attack (#missingpieces)1:41 AM Aug 25th from web

53. is a dog catching his tail - ut oh (#missingpieces)12:42 AM Aug 25th from web

54. Velveteen Rabbit it is - and Christie gave us her vintage copy (#missingpieces)11:41 PM Aug 24th from web

55. John is getting these lights: http://atlaslightingsupply.... (#missingpieces)11:25 PM Aug 24th from web

56. making a list of in-town production assistants (#missingpieces)6:03 PM Aug 24th from web

57. working on hotel sponsorships, crane sponsorships, speaking with an investor, and a stunt man (#missingpieces)4:50 PM Aug 24th from web

58. is expecting a call from Mark Boone Junior!!!!!!!! (#missingpieces)4:49 PM Aug 24th from web

59. sending book design and t-shirt design feedback (#missingpieces)6:08 AM Aug 24th from web

61. is getting his hopes up for tomorrow - it's decision day (#missingpieces)3:26 AM Aug 24th from web

63. finding it hard to stay focused on script re-writes with so many other obligations (#MissingPieces)6:51 PM Aug 23rd from web

64. ordering a jib (#missingpieces)6:38 PM Aug 23rd from web

65. dolly crisis hopefully resolved (#missingpieces)6:38 PM Aug 23rd from web

67. Calling some people to tell them they are in the cast (#missingpieces)6:33 PM Aug 23rd from web

69. First meeting with Danny Hassel, our lead actor in the young adult role of Daylen (#missingpieces)5:47 PM Aug 22nd from web

70. setting up our field-transfer hard drive, walkie talkies, and lap top case (#missingpieces)5:10 PM Aug 22nd from web

71. biting nails waiting for the decisive phone call from our last celebrity lead (#missingpieces)3:38 PM Aug 22nd from web

72. Adam and Amanda just brought over 3 blow up mattresses for folks to sleep on (#missingpieces)3:32 PM Aug 22nd from web

73. more people on board, script re-writes (#missingpieces)3:32 PM Aug 22nd from web

74. holy smokes - one last celebrity lead. 24 hours until that bubble pops. (#missingpieces)8:39 PM Aug 21st from web

75. celebrities will not be working on this project. Sincere disappointment (#missingpieces)6:05 PM Aug 21st from web

76. John's going crazy on ordering cinematography stuff, and I just ordered some heat gloves, and our custom theme park patches (#missingpieces)5:07 PM Aug 21st from web

77. coordinating cast costumes, casting some bit roles, more licensing stuff, and managing some extra help offers (#missingpieces)4:19 AM Aug 21st from web

78. writing some of the last celebrity inquiries pleading for a yes/no decision (#Missingpieces)2:11 AM Aug 21st from web

79. making a morale-boosting collage to post in the production studio (basement) bathroom (#missingpieces)2:10 AM Aug 21st from web

80. Has a second interested event planner - with her own event planning company! (#missingpieces)2:09 AM Aug 21st from web

81. script re-writes and internet meeting with Lene, one of our fundraisers (#missingpieces)10:53 PM Aug 20th from web

82. meeting with Brion - one of our paintings artists (#missingpieces)6:03 PM Aug 20th from web

83. calls - parking lot permissions, children's book permission, car explosion location, restaraunt location, track/field loca. (#Missingpieces)6:03 PM Aug 20th from web

84. meeting with a local diner for locations permission (#missingpieces)6:02 PM Aug 20th from web

85. late night location scouting - looking for running tracks, grocery stores, and well-lit neighborhoods (#missingpieces)5:07 AM Aug 20th from web

86. made the production closet with all our gear and stuff (#missingpieces)10:41 PM Aug 19th from web

87. is unbelievably fortunate to be able to work with such devoted and talented people every single day - all working for free (#Missingpieces)5:58 PM Aug 19th from web

88. Flower shop location secured (#MissingPieces)5:36 PM Aug 19th from web

89. request submitted for apartments at the local housing board (#missingpieces)2:54 PM Aug 19th from web

90. is reviewing the 7 minute video of song ideas from our additional music-maker, Michael Battito (#Missingpieces)3:47 AM Aug 19th from web

91. is working with our two costume designers and production designer on some misc. costume/prop/location stuff (#missingpieces)3:46 AM Aug 19th from web

92. wishlist of fireworks from our fireworks sponsor - just updated the website with their logo (#missingpieces)2:37 AM Aug 19th from web

93. The final plan for celebrity involvement is in action. Never take no for an answer. They'll still say no, but whatever (#missingpieces)2:36 AM Aug 19th from web

94. The Velveteen Rabbit is in public domain! Hopefully that's the ticket for getting clearance for the Children's book (#missingpieces)6:57 PM Aug 18th from web

95. a team of 8 people, lead by my friend Nick Cox are coordinating our car flip. They are holding the first meeting for it now (#missingpieces)6:02 PM Aug 18th from web

96. it's looking like some free hotel rooms :) (#missingpieces)6:01 PM Aug 18th from web

97. has a helicopter for the salt flats in Salt Lake City Utah! (#missingpieces)6:00 PM Aug 18th from web

98. is negotiating to get 85-100 foot cranes for some of our big shots (#missingpieces)5:38 PM Aug 18th from web

99. still hope with Iron & Wine licensing! (#missingpieces)4:16 PM Aug 18th from web

100. half the battle has been won for locations permission for filming outside of a local middle school (#missingpieces)3:50 PM Aug 18th from web

101. has a prospective event planner for our party scene! (#missingpieces)3:32 PM Aug 18th from web

102. endless calling to secure our car explosion location - shut down by a few prospective quarries :( (#missingpieces)3:30 PM Aug 18th from web

103. new production assistant! (#MissingPieces)5:37 AM Aug 18th from web

104. finding a creative writer to author our situations so the plot makes sense (#missingpieces)5:19 AM Aug 18th from web

105. more fielding e-mails, script polishing, pro-active help-seeking, google earth scouting, and licensing seeking (#missingpieces)4:43 AM Aug 18th from web

106. bought some tin containers to make a prop for the movie (#missingpieces)4:29 AM Aug 18th from web

107. celebrity involvement is a sinking ship. Many many many months/weeks/days/hours of work down the drain (#Missingpieces)8:18 PM Aug 17th from web

108. cannot keep up with these e-mails - bout to get worn out (#Missingpieces)8:18 PM Aug 17th from web

109. Boy Scouts are hopefully going to make a legit raft for us! Think Tom Sawyer (#missingpieces)8:18 PM Aug 17th from web

110. Lakeshore foundation is posting a call for actors in wheelchairs for the film (#missingpieces)8:15 PM Aug 17th from web

111. hotel group rates confirmed - $100 off (#missingpieces)8:14 PM Aug 17th from web

112. new sponsor! www.BigFireworks.com is providing sky lantern and spark fountains (#MissingPieces)8:14 PM Aug 17th from web

113. google earth scouting for a high school running track location (#missingpieces)8:14 PM Aug 17th from web

114. coordinating in-town help and extras (#Missingpieces)8:14 PM Aug 17th from web

115. script polishing (#Missingpieces)6:33 PM Aug 17th from web

116. Nick is coordinating our car flip – phone meeting to pin down dates (#missingpieces)6:32 PM Aug 17th from web

117. reading a stack of books about acting (#missingpieces)6:32 PM Aug 17th from web

118. seeking extras and production help from those who auditioned last week (#missingpieces)6:32 PM Aug 17th from web

119. getting tarp and mulch for our playground glass shattering sequence (#missingpieces)6:32 PM Aug 17th from web

120. library run for posting on craig’s list, home depot and Sam’s club for misc supplies (#missingpieces)6:31 PM Aug 17th from web

121. rejected from our grocery store location after three weeks of indecision – now negotiating (#missingpieces)6:30 PM Aug 17th from web

122. ing support from local communications school (#missingpieces)6:30 PM Aug 17th from web

123. looking for backup Red One camera in case of mid-shoot breakdown (#Missingpieces)6:30 PM Aug 17th from web

124. edited and made our Bob Ross DVD for filming (#missingpieces)6:30 PM Aug 17th from web

125. searching for hotels to contact around B'ham (#missingpieces)6:30 PM Aug 17th from web

126. answering e-mails, reconciling the budget, cleaning up the house from the wreck that is this movie (#missingpieces)6:29 PM Aug 17th from web

127. working on getting free hotels in town (#missingpieces)7:59 PM Aug 15th from web

128. updating the blog, transcribing notes from the day, and sending e-mails (#missingpieces)3:30 AM Aug 15th from web

129. updating the website - casting webpage down (#Missingpieces)1:54 AM Aug 15th from web

130. location scouting with Elissa all day - salon, diner, and 24/7 spot scoped out and secured (#missingpieces)1:54 AM Aug 15th from web

131. Will's done with both 8X8 ft. paintings!!! He stayed at the house for a week and rocked it out :) (#missingpieces)1:53 AM Aug 15th from web

132. final meeting with Birmingham's park board in preparation for our glass-shattering/playground scene (#Missingpieces)1:53 AM Aug 15th from web

133. calling back a few people for auditions (#MissingPieces)4:29 AM Aug 14th from web

134. looking for independent children's book publishers to get a book cleared (#missingpieces)4:28 AM Aug 14th from web

135. cool costume ideas from Angel (#MissingPieces)3:15 AM Aug 14th from web

136. lighting lesson from Will (#MissingPieces)3:12 AM Aug 14th from web

137. just got a list of event planners to contact from our production assistant, Patrick (#MissingPieces)12:20 AM Aug 14th from web

138. Holy crap, 54 people are on the crew. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of all the people helping on this (#MissingPieces)12:19 AM Aug 14th from web

139. just got explosives quantities from our Bomb Squad Sergeant and is still trying to clear a rock quarry location (#MissingPieces)5:54 PM Aug 13th from web

140. Goodnight moon is a bust $3,500 for a prop is too much (#Missingpieces)1:30 PM Aug 13th from web

141. sent our big "welcome to the cast" letter, the script, philosophies, the color scheme, and instruction to some of our cast (#missingpieces)2:19 AM Aug 13th from web

142. has a location in the salt flats of Utah and is now searching for a hot air balloon pilot in the area (#missingpieces)5:32 PM Aug 12th from web

143. just got off the phone arranging for a 30ft high electronically operated camera crane, kind of expensive though :( (#missingpieces)4:41 PM Aug 12th from web

144. got a list of interested background actors/extras from Kyle (#missingpieces)1:34 PM Aug 12th from web

145. met with an kind gentleman who is helping us with our industrial and car explosion scenes - and piloting his helicopter (#missingpieces)1:34 PM Aug 12th from web

147. is working with our amazing production designer, Elissa, on finding sweet apartment locations for the film (#missingpieces)12:04 AM Aug 12th from web

148. making the "you got the part" calls with Leeanna :D (#missingpieces)10:44 PM Aug 11th from web

149. is entering all the info from our audition session this weekend to figure out who wants to be extras (#missingpieces)9:35 PM Aug 11th from web

150. sent references to our new costume designer, Angel Vuong (#missingpieces)9:34 PM Aug 11th from web

151. has an 8AM meeting for locations - no fun (#Missingpieces)6:58 PM Aug 11th from web

152. is working on getting hot air balloon pilots for the desert and in Birmingham (#missingpieces)5:47 PM Aug 11th from web

153. got clearance to smash light bulbs on a playground (#missingpieces)5:46 PM Aug 11th from web

154. has gotten over 180 real e-mails that require responses in the past three days. It never stops (#Missingpieces)4:24 PM Aug 11th from web

155. Joe, our photographer is reading the script and coming up with ideas of backstory photographs for set decoration (#missingpieces)1:53 PM Aug 11th from web

156. Check out my friend's blog as she tracks losing weight and teaches everyone how to cook: http://anacooks.blogspot.com/ @analein1:45 PM Aug 11th from web

157. just got two new production assistants and a costume designer from the local school (#missingpieces)5:08 AM Aug 11th from web

158. is recruiting local boy scouts to make a raft and help out on the film (#missingpieces)5:07 AM Aug 11th from web

159. just got two amazing original songs from Justin Wilder - truly fantastic! (#missingpieces)3:55 AM Aug 11th from web

160. has a prospective costume designer! (#missingpieces)3:08 AM Aug 11th from web

161. is trying to find a photographer to take backstory photos (#missingpieces)2:16 AM Aug 11th from web

162. A local college's film production club is getting involved in helping with our movie (#missingpieces)2:14 AM Aug 11th from web

163. sent packaging references over to a professional package designer and sticker maker (#missingpieces)1:41 AM Aug 11th from web

164. just got 10 awesome bands sent over from Fumio, one of our music supervisors (#missingpieces)1:30 AM Aug 11th from web

165. Had to give decision feedback to a deserving actor (#missingpieecs)12:55 AM Aug 11th from web

166. Will's first finished 8X8 foot painting on ply board http://trunc.it/1b8gz (#Missingpieces)12:55 AM Aug 11th from web

167. these people are designing our prop arm bands for the kidnapping device: http://tinyurl.com/kqtex4 (#missingpieces)7:21 PM Aug 10th from web

168. long phone meeting with Elissa (production design) (#missingpieces)7:20 PM Aug 10th from web

169. panty hose tests - looks like the ones on sale at CVS are the best ones to use - Leggs! (#missingpieces)7:20 PM Aug 10th from web

170. is sending out cast pictures to our celebrity prospects (#missingpieces)4:13 PM Aug 10th from web

171. Got a huge discount on top notch songs for the movie from Midlake and the Trials of Van Occupanther (#missingpieces)2:37 PM Aug 10th from web

173. sent references over to a song writer and finalized plans for purchasing signage for our fake delivery company with Shea (#missingpieces)12:52 AM Aug 10th from web

174. just made a spreadsheet of our A and A+ cast with pictures :) (#missingpieces)10:57 PM Aug 9th from web

175. Just got clearance for our middle school!! (#missingpieces)10:21 PM Aug 9th from web

176. Has a new t-shirt designer for crew shirts and a full sponsorship with a t-shirt making company (#missingpieces)6:14 PM Aug 9th from web

177. Elissa finished location scouting Florence, Alabama, and it has truly amazing places (#Missingpieces)6:08 PM Aug 9th from web

178. just got smashable light bulbs from Kyle (#Missingpieces)6:07 PM Aug 9th from web

179. got our final discount from SetWear (#missingpieces)6:05 PM Aug 9th from web

180. Theme park logo = complete (#missingpieces)6:03 PM Aug 9th from web

181. has three friends composing songs for the movie, and just listened to the first demo by Dean - amazing :) (#missingpieces)6:03 PM Aug 9th from web

182. has a hopeful full-time production assistant (#missingpieces)6:02 PM Aug 9th from web

183. has a new music supervisor (#missingpieces)6:02 PM Aug 9th from web

184. a vinyl record store is securing album covers for us to film, and will make a custom album jacket for us for free (#missingpieces)5:54 PM Aug 9th from web

185. getting clearance for children's books and music in the film (#Missingpieces)5:53 PM Aug 9th from web

186. last minute audition - grace of God (#missingpieces)5:33 PM Aug 9th from web

187. up late with Leeanna pulling together the cast (#missingpieces)5:33 PM Aug 9th from web

188. Birmingham casting all day (#missingpieces)5:32 PM Aug 9th from web

189. has been working on getting supplies for Will's two 8X8 foot paintings on plyboard (#missingpieces)5:29 PM Aug 9th from web

191. Kyle is awesome as usual - he arranged for fluorescent light bulbs and refrigerator boxes! (#missingpieces)11:54 PM Aug 5th from web

192. searching for independent artists to clear their music for free (#missingpieces)11:50 PM Aug 5th from web

193. sent the project details to a local producer looking to finance Alabama films (#missingpieces)10:23 PM Aug 5th from web

194. Has access to 1,000,000 square feet/116 acres of industrial land!!! The biggest location in the Southeast! (#Missingpieces)3:34 PM Aug 5th from web

195. just spoke with an angel - cleared industrial factory location, rock quarry location, and flew a helicopter (#missingpieces)3:18 PM Aug 5th from web

196. has a sponsorship with a local t-shirt manufacturer to make crew t-shirts (#missingpieces)2:19 PM Aug 5th from web

197. updated the website (#missingpieces)6:27 AM Aug 5th from web

198. sent off for filming location in a local school (#missingpieces)5:00 AM Aug 5th from web

199. trying to do more outsourcing with more interested folks, who knew making a movie would require so much? (#missingpieces)10:01 PM Aug 4th from web

200. new approach for securing a rock quarry = exponentially more promising - should hear back by week's end (#missingpieces)5:11 PM Aug 4th from web

Poison Sticker

Jamie Cain's custom poison sticker.


Michael Battito song sketch video

Michael had some song ideas, and because we don't live near each other, he recorded a video of himself to explain his ideas and see what would fit best with the movie.


Bob Ross Video Segment

Here is our Bob Ross instructional video segment that will be included in the finished film. The main clip that will be featured lasts from 1:24-2:40. The rest is filler for the rest of the scene.


August 2009 - a picture

Mr. Will Braden - kickin' it. Then some other joker, standing.

Will's 8 X 8 Foot Paintings

Will's two 8X8 foot paintings on plyboard. He stayed at the house for a week working on these every day.


8X8ft Painting #1 by Will

Will is working on two 8X8ft paintings on plywood. This is the nearly-complete first painting. He is living at our house to paint them.


Victoria's mascot mask creation

The foundation of Victoria's mascot mask - our kidnapper wears this mask to conceal his identity.


Theme Park Logo

Awesome theme park logo designs by Korey Nadolny. These will be translated into t-shirt patches and visor embroideries.

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No time for blog updates, but here are all the micro, Twitter updates for anyone using this as a future resource of how to make a movie.

trying to do more outsourcing with more interested folks, who knew making a movie would require so much? (#missingpieces)about 5 hours ago from web

new approach for securing a rock quarry = exponentially more promising - should hear back by week's end (#missingpieces)about 10 hours ago from web

has a salon location secured (#missingpieces)about 11 hours ago from web

went to every industrial factory location in B'ham on google earth (#missingpieces)about 21 hours ago from web

's friend Nick is gathering his engineer friends to flip our car! (#missingpieces)about 22 hours ago from web

Prepped the Bob Ross videos for editing (#missingpieces)about 23 hours ago from web

amazon shopping for movie stuff (#missingpieces)1:47 AM Aug 4th from web

Getting a message over to Sufjan Stevens! (#missingpieces)9:53 PM Aug 3rd from web

WE GOT MATERIAL THROUGH TO A FANTASTIC ACTOR!!! (#missinpieces)9:05 PM Aug 3rd from web

casting threads are unraveling - keep your fingers crossed for those last final strands (#missingpieces)7:51 PM Aug 3rd from web

my grandmother's going to play a part in the movie :D (#missingpieces)3:33 PM Aug 3rd from web

negotiating with the Goodnight Moon folks (#missingpieces)3:17 PM Aug 3rd from web

got and extra free customized puzzle (#missingpieces)4:56 AM Aug 3rd from web

is trying to get a free hot air balloon ride to film our action scene from the sky (#missingpieces)10:57 PM Aug 2nd from web

Trying to get clearance for music in our movie (#missingpieces)10:45 PM Aug 2nd from web

sent feedback for Ahmad's book design (#missingpieces)10:44 PM Aug 2nd from web

mowed the lawn - rent (#missingpieces)10:44 PM Aug 2nd from web

is making a picture diagram to communicate our big action scene to the steadicam operator and explosives experts (#missingpieces)2:56 PM Aug 2nd from web

feels like the Wizard of Oz (#missingpieces)4:24 AM Aug 2nd from web

hates playing cards (#missingpieces)3:51 AM Aug 2nd from web

just got a long e-mail from a contact with a lot of connections in the investment field (#missingpieces)1:55 AM Aug 2nd from web

has a seasoned steadicam operator who is financing himself to rent the gear and travel to Birmingham! (#missingpieces)9:10 PM Aug 1st from web

Scouted rock quarries all day with Mom (#missingpieces)9:09 PM Aug 1st from web

working with a new designer on custom theme park costumes (#missingpieces)6:39 AM Aug 1st from web

James has been doing locations research and phone calls to secure a desert location for us (#missingpieces)4:47 AM Aug 1st from web

is trying to reach out for some help on this (#missingpieces)1:38 AM Aug 1st from web

another day on the phone (#missingpieces)8:34 PM Jul 31st from web

It's looking like all actors at a certain agency are out of the question (#missingpieces)5:43 PM Jul 31st from web

has permission in a back-up quarry to blow up the car! We will scout it tomorrow. (#missingpieces)5:42 PM Jul 31st from web

sent script feedback to a very smart and motivated actor (#missingpieces)2:31 AM Jul 31st from web

Finished the new short film http://www.KentonBartlett.c... (#missingpieces)2:03 AM Jul 31st from web

juggling too many balls (#missingpieces)8:02 PM Jul 30th from web

is doing some down-to-the-wire negotiations with actors (#missingpieces)4:27 PM Jul 30th from web

finished planning our road trip with John (#missingpieces)3:22 AM Jul 30th from web

finalized t-shirt designs and prop motif symbolism stuff - again, not pretentious. Heather is making the shirts now (#missingpieces)3:09 AM Jul 30th from web

a couple scheduled phone calls for interested actors tomorrow (#missingpieces)2:55 AM Jul 30th from web

trying to get clearance for a middle school location (#missingpieces)2:55 AM Jul 30th from web

Curt is going to get clearance for album covers in the movie (#missingpieces)1:49 AM Jul 30th from web

is trying to get someone to flip our car (#missingpieces)1:49 AM Jul 30th from web

looking for the coolest abandoned factory ever (#missingpieces)12:42 AM Jul 30th from web

Happiness may be a warm puppy, but the book "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" will not be in our movie (#missingpieces)9:39 PM Jul 29th from web

arguing with Peanuts to try to get their book in our movie (#missingpieces)2:39 PM Jul 29th from web

Abbott is calling around sending in materials for the untouchable celebrities!!! (#missingpieces)2:39 PM Jul 29th from web

working on clearance for vinyl albums in the movie and finding a pilot to film the overhead shot in our action sequence (#missingpieces)5:36 AM Jul 29th from web

A kind gentleman will be calling all over town to secure our apartment locations! (#Missingpieces)4:50 AM Jul 29th from web

SAG stuff in the mail, celebrity follow up stuff, local contacts (#missingpieces)4:49 AM Jul 29th from web

finished going through the script and production schedule w/ John - then Home Depot/around town (#missingpieces)4:49 AM Jul 29th from web

sent of the locations request for THE grocery store (#missingpieces)6:24 AM Jul 28th from web

Harrison and his girlfriend went through the Bob Ross DVD and picked the best clips (#missingpieces)11:16 PM Jul 27th from web

Melora read the script and asked to see our new short film! (#Missingpieces)10:33 PM Jul 27th from web

spoke with a receptive grocery store owner, then had some sweet finds at a thrift store with John (#missingpieces)9:27 PM Jul 27th from web

went to a veyr kind man's house who lent us a very nice tripod, a lighting kit, and offered his cinematic home for filming (#missingpieces)9:19 PM Jul 27th from web

Got SAG work taken care of - just gotta send it off (#missingpieces)9:18 PM Jul 27th from web

more LA calls and follow ups with actors (#missingpieces)9:17 PM Jul 27th from web

trying to find a coordinator for flipping a car in our dream sequence (#missingpieces)6:28 AM Jul 27th from web

sending out song licensing requests (#missingpieces)6:27 AM Jul 27th from web

asked for for free custom patches, free visors, and sent references for a friend who wants to make a song for the movie (#missingpieces)6:23 AM Jul 27th from web

sent instructions over to Abbott (legal) who will be calling around to get info to some actors repped by a tricky agency (#missingpieces)4:45 AM Jul 27th from web

been scripting all day with John, then SAG paperwork, then location scouting at the corner, now camera tests (#missingpieces)9:35 PM Jul 26th from web

looking for symbolism for the movie's costumes/sets -nothing pretentious.Just something for the attentive/analytical viewer (#missingpieces)5:07 AM Jul 26th from web

50 pages of SAG contracts - 1 page at a time. (#missingpieces)3:11 AM Jul 26th from web

practiced using a fog machine to light a room with John - then continued on the endless script work together (#missingpieces)3:11 AM Jul 26th from web

read a cinematography text book today - good stuff, it's called New Cinematographers (#MissingPieces)9:37 PM Jul 25th from web

spent the day location scouting Smith Lake in North Alabama w/ John and we found our tire swing scene location! (#missingpieces)9:36 PM Jul 25th from web

sent in the authorization form to get our light sponsorship from Kino Flo (#missingpieces)3:02 AM Jul 25th from web

spent a couple hours doing a manual workaround to Google's mis-flagging our website as containing a virus (#missingpieces)1:45 AM Jul 25th from web

going through the Bob Ross DVD - fantastic shot of a fox playing in Bob Ross's hair - epic (#missingpieces)12:26 AM Jul 25th from web

got a shipment of free Bob Ross paraphernalia (DVD, book, paint bucket, oil paints, paint brushes, etc.) (#missingpieces)11:42 PM Jul 24th from web

got a fogger from a neighbor (#missingpieces)11:41 PM Jul 24th from web

is in SAG hell (#missingpieces)5:06 PM Jul 24th from web

involuntary sleep is disorienting (#missingpieces)5:40 AM Jul 24th from web

got the fourth version of the sound design for Picnics - almost done! (#missingpieces)3:16 AM Jul 24th from web

just got a donation of 40,000 Hyatt hotel points :) (#missingpieces)3:08 AM Jul 24th from web

DVD reference festival with John (#missingpieces)2:38 AM Jul 24th from web

MELORA WALTERS IS READING OUR SCRIPT!! (#missingpieces)6:48 PM Jul 23rd from web

camera and sound tests with DJ and John (#missingpieces)6:23 PM Jul 23rd from web

got locations permission from a record store and a toy store (#missingpieces)2:56 PM Jul 23rd from web

wishes Google would remove its incorrect flagging of our website as containing a virus (#missingpieces)5:51 AM Jul 23rd from web

redid the business plan after several complaints (#missingpieces)5:51 AM Jul 23rd from web

sending a million follow up e-mails feeling like a pest (#missingpieces)4:37 AM Jul 23rd from web

got the first draft of one of our prop books: How Kidnappers Did It (#missingpieces)4:37 AM Jul 23rd from web

big script/camera day, then e-mails and phone calls (#missingpieces)4:12 AM Jul 23rd from web

Hard core home depot run, John's making stuff, e-mails for me, just posted in 25 southern cities for casting (#missingpieces)3:07 AM Jul 23rd from web

went google earth scouting with John to show him all the sweet spots around the country (#missingpieces)3:07 AM Jul 23rd from web

reconciling the budget (#Missingpieces)3:06 AM Jul 23rd from web

has a public relations manager and a couple new production assistants on board! (#missingpieces)5:49 PM Jul 22nd from web

sent feedback for the first batch of paintings for our painting artists (#missingpieces)6:05 AM Jul 22nd from web

got a free junk car to blow up and some free black panty hose!! (#missingpieces)5:19 AM Jul 22nd from web

fellow Red camera owner wants to help on the movie! This may mean a second camera for our action sequence (#missingpieces)4:59 AM Jul 22nd from web

Mark Boone Junior's agent might help "package" the film (get other actors involved) (#missingpieces)4:52 AM Jul 22nd from web

worked all night with John going through the script, reference photos, and planning camera engineering stuff (#missingpieces)4:51 AM Jul 22nd from web

spent 2 hours writing an e-mail to Mark Boone Junior's agent outlining the project more thoroughly (#missingpieces)4:13 AM Jul 22nd from web

Our lead actresses' dad just donated 50,000 frequent flyer miles! (#missingpieces)9:00 PM Jul 21st from web

got a crane for the pyramids in Kansas! (#missingpieces)4:25 PM Jul 21st from web

The kind folks at Bob Ross are donating Bob Ross DVDs and Bob Ross supplies! (#missingpieces)3:45 PM Jul 21st from web

got clearance for shooting in a hospital room! (#missingpieces)3:43 PM Jul 21st from web

has been going over the script all morning with John. Right now he's playing with the camera for the first time - landmark? (#missingpieces)3:42 PM Jul 21st from web

sent a request over to our sponsor, http://www.setwear.com to see if they can donate some supplies (#Missingpieces)6:03 AM Jul 21st from web

4:30 AM - empty inbox... excited for a fresh, never-ending batch after sleeping... (#missingpieces)5:38 AM Jul 21st from web

working with a generous contributor who is helping get us a pilot for our aerial desert shots... & freq. flyer/hotel points (#missingpieces)4:54 AM Jul 21st from web

is working with a designer in North California on the kidnapper's mask (#missingpieces)4:44 AM Jul 21st from web

is scouring the music library to contact musicians for pre-production music licensing (#missingpieces)3:06 AM Jul 21st from web

Kyle went door to door today and has some really promising food sponsors! (#missingpieces)10:44 PM Jul 20th from web

John, our cinematographer, should arrive any minute - he's in town for 10 days for pre-production- workin' time (#missingpieces)10:27 PM Jul 20th from web

the score for Picnics is finished and sounds amazing - Richey rules (#missingpieces)7:43 PM Jul 20th from web

BOB ROSS IS GOING TO BE IN THE MOVIE!!!!! Google him. (licensing permission granted for his video to be played) (#missingpieces)7:12 PM Jul 20th from web

looks like we're going to be in the green for filming on the Chalk Pyramids!!! Now we just gotta find a crane.... (#Missingpieces)5:20 PM Jul 20th from web

people in Kansas are really really really nice. All of them (#missingpieces)5:15 PM Jul 20th from web

Got off the phone with an extremely helpful Register of Deeds in Kansas - help for filming here: http://tinyurl.com/kouj7l (#missingpieces)4:59 PM Jul 20th from web

no dice for Bon Iver's music in our film for free :( (#missingpieces)4:57 PM Jul 20th from web

James sent the fourth and final version of his song for Picnics! Just the score and sound design left :) (#missingpieces)2:59 AM Jul 20th from web

rummaged through an abandoned school and through the creepiness walked away with some cool stuff (#missingpieces)2:35 AM Jul 20th from web

questionably now has a full size pay phone and stand in the back of the van (#missingpieces)2:35 AM Jul 20th from web

location scouted all day (mostly pre-scouted parks) (#missingpieces)2:33 AM Jul 20th from web

is working on audio stuff with DJ (#missingpieces)3:10 PM Jul 19th from web

sent feedback to Richey's third version of the score and is working on feedback for James' third version of the song (#missingpieces)3:57 AM Jul 19th from web

is working on getting clearance form iron and wine for a song and prop in the film (#missingpieces)2:07 AM Jul 19th from web

just sent out the 'big help list' and hopes nobody is offended http://www.kentonbartlett.c... (#missingpieces)2:06 AM Jul 19th from web

finished google earth scouting all 107 parks in the Birmingham area (#missingpieces)1:30 AM Jul 19th from web

spent most of the day with Elissa, our production designer - going over script & location scouting (#missingpieces)1:29 AM Jul 19th from web

is takin' care of business with finances and equipment problems and scouting parks on google earth (#missingpieces)2:34 PM Jul 18th from web

just finished the "Big Help List" & is prepping for our work day with Elissa (production design) tomorrow (#missingpieces)3:08 AM Jul 18th from web

is working on feedback for a sound design for Picnics (#missingpieces)11:27 PM Jul 17th from web

Melora Walters' agent is reading the script this weekend!!!!!!!!!! (#missingpieces)7:39 PM Jul 17th from web

is shopping for a pay phone (#missingpieces)6:13 PM Jul 17th from web

the Triana city council rejected our request for filming on top of their water tower (#missingpieces)3:46 PM Jul 17th from web

Kyle Neeley is our new production assistant & he's been amazing and enthusiastic about jumping in head first on the project (#missingpieces)4:34 AM Jul 17th from web

feels soulless when typing my name I reflexively write a .com at the end. Good for backspace (#missingpieces)3:06 AM Jul 17th from web

is scouting 107 parks in the Birmingham area on Google Earth to select which park to shatter light bulbs (#missingpieces)3:03 AM Jul 17th from web

finished another round of follow up with celebrities - a couple glimmers of hope (#missingpieces)9:21 PM Jul 16th from web

followed up by phone with David Gordon's Green agent - fan mail is tricky (#Missingpieces)7:08 PM Jul 16th from web

is sending instructions over to our new P.A. - Kyle Neeley (#missingpieces)6:19 PM Jul 16th from web

is working with a talented friend/neighbor/musician on a song for the film (#missingpieces)6:18 PM Jul 16th from web

got pseudo-approval to smash light bulbs on a park in Birmingham! (#missingpieces)6:18 PM Jul 16th from web

faxed forms over to SAG (#missingpieces)5:21 PM Jul 16th from web

has a new production assistant (#missingpieces)1:54 PM Jul 16th from web

is reviewing delivery company designs by Shea Cadrin and getting ready for a meeting w/ the parks/recreation board of B'ham (#missingpieces)1:15 PM Jul 16th from web

sent out some checks to pay for stuff (#missingpieces)2:18 AM Jul 16th from web

is location scouting in library books (#missingpieces)2:18 AM Jul 16th from web

measured a book for our book designers to make a custom book prop for the movie (#missingpieces)11:31 PM Jul 15th from web

has been following up with phone calls and e-mails with celebrities - turned down by a lot but a few are interested (#missingpieces)9:07 PM Jul 15th from web

got in contact with an amazing landlord who owns some empty apartments (#missingpieces)9:06 PM Jul 15th from web

broke down and submitted SAG paper works so Melora Walters could get the proper information (#missingpieces)9:03 PM Jul 15th from web

's friend talked with a grocery store manager today for locations purposes (#missingpieces)2:32 PM Jul 15th from web

has another interested steadicam operator! (#missingpieces)11:07 AM Jul 15th from web

is making the one-time-only "master help list" (#missingpieces)4:37 AM Jul 15th from web

is reviewing the second round of tapes from our NYC casting session run by Leeanna, our casting director (#missingpieces)2:37 AM Jul 15th from web

called many more celebrities today and is about to ride to school on the e-mail bus (aka sending e-mails to celebrities) (#missingpieces)11:28 PM Jul 14th from web

just finished mowing the lawn... rent (#missingpieces)9:49 PM Jul 14th from web

is working with another owner of an apartment complex and is getting help in contacting a grocery store owner (#missingpieces)5:37 PM Jul 14th from web

gonna have a heart attack at age 25 I think (#missingpieces)5:30 PM Jul 14th from web

"unsolicited materials" don't get very far sometimes (#missingpieces)3:57 PM Jul 14th from web

met with an insurance agent to take care of our lighting sponsorship agreement (#missingpieces)3:48 PM Jul 14th from web

still working on Nick Drake licensing (#missingpieces)3:48 PM Jul 14th from web

is getting a lot of e-mails back from celebrites - mostly negative :( (#missingpieces)3:47 PM Jul 14th from web

met with a building owner to check out a huge, abandoned place (#missinpieces)3:47 PM Jul 14th from web

just finished with all the celebrity e-mails and now has to take care of the normal business for the day (#missingpieces)4:23 AM Jul 14th from web

is sending about 80 e-mails to different celebrities (after calling their agents) to see if they are interested (#missingpieces)1:15 AM Jul 14th from web

is off the phone for the day and now in e-mail hell (#missingpieces)8:42 PM Jul 13th from web

got permission from Alabama Adventure to film in their theme park... and use their cherry picker crane for free! (#missinpgieces)4:48 PM Jul 13th from web

is getting something forwarded directly to Mark Boone Junior!!!!! (#missingpieces)3:00 PM Jul 13th from web

feels like a slimey producer calling every agent in LA (#missingpieces)2:53 PM Jul 13th from web

is finalzing a list of celebrities to call tomorrow - a lost cause, but we're still trying (#missingpieces)5:35 AM Jul 13th from web

July 2009 - A Picture

This is our only picture together thus far. John is quite the stud.


DJ Davis - How Kidnappers Did It

This is DJ Davis' final book design for his book in our movie: "How Kidnappers Did It."


Action scene diagrams

These are step-by-step diagrams of our big action scene. We are using these to communicate with our actors, explosives experts, and other individuals involved in executing this scene.


Picnics - Test Footage Short Film #2

This is our second test footage short film.

Picnics Color/No Color Correction

Before it's finished - this shows the difference color correction, scoring (this uses un-cleared temporary music), and sound design makes in the final product. Finished film coming soon :)


Book Sketches (Third prop book)

Book design sketches by Ahmad Toure. He's working on making a book on romantic matchmaking.


Kidnapping Book - Draft

Awesome book design by designer, DJ Davis. This will be one of the books our main character checks out to learn the tricks of the trade.


June 2009 a picture

Self-taken picture... didn't know if I'd make it down a steep 7-story unstable rock hill (trespassing doesn't make for safe terrain).