December 2008 - Writing

Writing…The other half. My personal deadline for finishing the screenplay was Christmas. I was deadly behind. Going into break, only ¼ of the story was complete. The main problem is writer’s procrastination and never having enough time to buckle down and get to it. Also, American University is not an inspiring place to write.

SO! The only way to do it was through strict discipline. I would write for an un-interrupted four hours a day. To make sure there were four solid hours, I got a stopwatch and made sure there would be no distractions for that amount of time. It didn’t matter if I was staring at the ceiling thinking about the story, there would be no multi-tasking. So, after getting organized and sifting through 17,689 words of notes (statistics and numbers give life meaning maybe?), the outline was complete in 9 days. Taking notes and thinking is key to writing. I had all the moments and ideas down, but they weren’t organized in any coherent fashion. As was mentioned before, the notes and thinking had been going on for 9 months, so it wasn’t just coming up with an outline out of nowhere. But the sitting down and putting it all down on paper is hard.

From the outline, writing the script is just filling in the missing holes. From the end of the outline to a finished first draft only took 12 days. After reading over the draft several times and making sure it was as polished as I could make it, I sent it to about 30 friends who had mentioned they were interested in reading it. I AM INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO READ IT!!!!!!!! To make sure everyone was as critical as possible, the script was sent with a feedback questionnaire guiding critical responses.

Even though the script was 6 days late, things could have been worse.

Pictures of writing in the basement. Moving to every location in the house was a good way to not get bored in any one place. This it the script laid out.

A close up of the cards - lots of writing on each.

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