January 2008 - Product Placement

Back to school again.

Still trying to raise money, the turn to product placement has to happen. Online there is a list of every product placement agency in Hollywood. After creating a product placement proposal explaining the project and including location-specific and product-specific opportunities, I sent it to all the agencies.

Responses started trickling in. Some with no interest, but several leads came about as well. It’s a lot of back and forth coming up with arrangements that would benefit the production and reduce the budget (i.e. a company provides food, so we put them in the movie). Each arrangement has to be worth it to the company to sacrifice a little of the film’s integrity by including products, but brands are a part of the world we live in, so it’s not as big of a deal as I once thought, and it could really help with the film’s budget.

Next week, I will generate client-specific proposals for individual agencies and expect to hear back from some agencies to whom the script has been sent.

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