Last Tuesday, I met with my independent study professor for this course – to make a long story short, the school is opening the course to give credit for revising the script and working on pre-production assignments. She said that people want to SEE the movie that they are investing in. So, she suggested to re-do the website with a concentration of getting people on the same page about the story and basically exciting people about it. This was a great point, and coincidentally, I had been working on a new trailer to advertise the movie.

The next couple days were spent all day in the computer lab taking clips from some of the best movies around and combining them into a cohesive 1-minute advertisement to show what we are aiming for with this movie.

To further ‘show’ people the movie, my friend and talented artist, Will Braden, offered his skills to the project. He is drawing pictures of seven of the most picturesque scenes in the film to excite people about it. I am gathering pictures of expansive locations. We’ll combine the drawings and pictures into a slideshow so people can start to visualize the project.

The website now includes photos and biographies of the crew so people can see that this is really happening and to put faces with the names.

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