Everyone's working

DJ is committed! Our crew is solid. Everyone is working very hard and researching pro-actively.

This week, I’ve been doing a lot of work to get DJ headed in the right direction by meeting with a couple sound professionals and doing some research to pass along.

Communicating to get everyone on the same page is a lot of work, but it’s certainly worth it. Everyone working together is pretty amazing!

The website went under a few renovations this week. Continuing with the ‘visualize’ intent, the crew member’s pictures and biographies are now posted online.

Fenix and I have been working on getting the casting process underway. He came up with a really great strategy – a rabbit hole approach. The process will be broken into stages. The stages begin very simply (to allow for a large pool of actors) and progress in difficulty (screening out bad-fits). I wrote a detailed/wordy casting informational sheet that we put online for proactive actors who want to know all the details about the film from the get-go.

As far as the sponsorships go, I submitted formal proposals to Chevron and to a Netflix filmmaking competition. A few other companies were contacted this week as well (including airline companies). A film industry company called SetWear signed on as a sponsor this week too (this brings our sponsor number up to three).

Will and I have been working back and forth on the sketches. He’s doing extremely detailed work and is really going above and beyond. He’s slightly molding the images to more closely fit with the visuals of the film. The sketches are really going to let everyone in on the movie that we’re making.

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