The Crew

John, the cinematographer is committed! He’s still going around to get things in writing regarding his scholarship situation. Taking a semester off is tricky, but he’s getting it worked out. He is incredibly committed, and we are doing a lot of back and forth with notes and references.

Worried about finding a casting director, I started organizing a national campaign to spread the word. Mid-organization, a newfound friend from school, Fenix Libertine contacted me with a sincere interest in working on the film.

After talking with him and getting on the same page about the extensive demands about the position, he turned out being absolutely perfect for the casting director job. He’s enthusiastic, organized, efficient, devoted, and we like a lot of the same movies and music. As we were going over notes about the film, I told him to watch the film, Magnolia, for inspiration of ambition in a movie and flawless casting. It’s not almost 10 years old, and it’s not very popular, but he had the DVD in his backpack!... we’re going to work very well together. I sent him a lot of notes about casting, and set up his e-mail: casting@kentonbartlett.com. Right now he’s working hard on playing catch up and taking a crash course in understanding casting... We have a casting director!

DJ, the sound operator, is still thinking about working on the film. He will commit or defer by Friday, the 6th.

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