Casting, imdb, Kogod, and Re-writes

This week, imdb.com e-mailed to invite ‘Student Short Film’ to be added to their website! This is usually a very selective process, and films have to go through a series of approvals before any item is posted, but imdb.com reached out to ask if they could add it to the site. We never contacted them!

A new sound company is in negotiations to arrange a huge discount on the project. They’re e-mail address is www.pro-sound.com.

The business school here at American University reached out to include this project on a “Kogod Success Stories” video series to help launch their newly-designed website. John is actually responsible for filming it! We will post the video here as soon as it’s finished (in April).

VenusPuzzle.com is donating 100 puzzles for the casting process! We also have three other companies interested in donating, and one confirmed company (Up in Pieces) who is willing to offer custom puzzles ‘at cost’ (we would only have to pay for the materials).

To keep the casting process moving while Amanda catches up on reading the screenplay and Fenix recovers from a serious car crash last week (he is in a neck brace but is getting better), I bought a new website: www.missingpiecescasting.com (not launched yet), made a draft design for the casting puzzle (see below), started web designs for the new site, and started gathering information on the 150 or so celebrities we are considering attracting to the project. We are also looking for a talented writer to assist Amanda in writing letters to celebrities as the task is simply overwhelming.

Website reconstruction is still underway, and Will is almost finished with the sketches. Hopefully we’ll have those up by next week.

As always, John and I are still meeting weekly to research in the library, we added a picture of it below.

Re-writing is underway too. Lately, most of the concentration has been on re-working and re-outlining all four stories. There were several problems in the first draft that are all being addressed. It’s incredibly time-consuming, but having a quality script is the key to attracting talent to the project.

As a follow up from last week, working with the entertainment lawyer won’t be a possibility as there isn’t enough time to contribute to his needs on his project. I am still trying to get in touch with the Alabama film office to arrange for some help on the project. Also, new sponsors are being contacted all the time to help out with the film.

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