Sponsors and Grants

We have our first two sponsors! Sennheiser, a microphone company, has offered product discounts for the audio equipment on the production, and Samsung is donating a 1.5 terabyte hard drive to the film (worth approximately $350).

Netflix is holding a competition to give $150,000 to a first-time filmmaker producing a movie this year. It’s perfect for this project, and I submitted all the materials this week. Keep your fingers crossed. We won’t know anything until May, so it’s best to forget about the competition and proceed with fundraising.

The e-mails have continued to all sorts of companies trying to get product donations, loans, and price reductions. With Samsung and Sennheiser’s involvement, hopefully that will be an incentive for other companies to jump on board. Right now, I’m working on an extensive application with Chevron to get some free gas for the road trip.

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