Workin on that movie

Apologies for the delayed post. Severe computer failure (a virus deleted every program and document… twice – there were backups), final exams, moving out, graduation weekend, saying goodbye to friends, and travel has slowed down progress a little bit, but here’s what’s been going on:

We have a composer! Richey Rynkowski is signed on to the project. About 100 people have inquired about the position. Many are qualified and enthusiastic. We originally planned to hold auditions – and I told this to Richey. However, he proceeded with the opportunity as if he was already the official composer. He made three songs tailored to the music for this film (the soundtrack to the script). His songs are all great (listen below) and give a taste of what’s to come. He is both talented and hardworking. We get along great and have the same tastes in music.

Tony and I have to develop the social media front. We have a Linked In account (www.linkedin/in/kentonbartlett), a twitter account (www.twitter.com/kentonbartlett), and we have Facebook back (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kenton-Bartlett-Movie/74342639138?ref=ts)! We are re-building our online presence for sure. A MySpace page is coming soon.

The website (www.KentonBartlett.com) is re-designed. The homepage and page backgrounds are the main differences. See pics below.

Craig’s List created new spam filters to block folks like us. The new hurdles are tricky, and I thought we would have to resort to other means of virally spreading the word, but we just developed a new plan to circumvent the new smart filters. We will post onwards!

We are going to forego the film stock donation for logistic, visual, and expenditure reasons.

Christie and I drafted a letter to send for food sponsorships. Christie and Hannah are looking for the contact info for establishments around Birmingham.

Many more e-mails arrive every day with new and different leads – from offers to help, potential investors, interested crew members, and questions from actors. Fielding the e-mails and following up with everyone is a top priority. We’ll keep you up to date on promising developments, but it’s hard to list every single lead.

Casting is moving forward. More auditions are coming in every day. Fenix is working full time on it, and two of my acting friends are interested in helping out full-time as well.

This week will be all about making up for lost time and start working with the mound of equipment we’ve been ordering for the past month.

We didn’t win the screenplay award (the third draft was submitted) and haven’t heard back from the movie studio.

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