Trying to Keep Up

Not really sure where all the time is going, but every hour is filled. Whether it’s field tests, e-mail writing, phone calls, buying, selling, fixing, and returning equipment, website work, research, meetings, craig’s list posting, computer fixing, working freelance to make money, or manual reading, it doesn’t leave time for much else.

The Red camera is working! Test footage is underway. It’s a challenge to make it look like “film,” and we’re not there yet but working and researching all the time to get it there. Finding the most efficient way to work with the enormous data files is also tricky. This is a huge time suck and quite the puzzle.

We now have 17 people working on the movie! It’s getting hard to keep up with everything and everyone. Everyone is working so hard, and I wish there was more time to do really nice things for every one and tell them how grateful I am. This is truly a team effort, and no one should ever think that someone makes a movie by themselves. Everyone is making this movie together.

We have a new casting director! Leeanna Rubin is taking this thing by the horns and tackling it full force. We have revamped the website and casting process completely. She is responding to every single e-mail that we have received (over 2,300) and setting up live casting sessions in New York, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and Atlanta. We are running a paid advertisement in Backstage magazine which is very legit and should turn out a lot of serious actors.

Will has agreed to be the painter for the movie (story based heavily on the art created by main character, Delia). He’s certainly the go-to man for anything visual on the project, and I’m really glad we can work together.

We have a Line Producer! Jeff Nixon is a Birmingham event planner who is very enthusiastic about movies and wants to help on the project by organizing companies and people in and around Birmingham to pull everything together.

Abbott is busy writing contracts for everyone and keeping the legal matters in order.

Tony is redesigning our myspace page: www.myspace.com/kentonbartlett

The celebrity letters are in the air. Keep your fingers crossed this week.

DJ and I are testing out both the camera and sound equipment. We got sound!

Craig’s List posting is a go again. Using the library computers is the key.

We may have a production designer.

Pictures and videos coming soon!

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