Equipment and Back at Home

School’s done, and 100% of attention can be focused on the movie.

The past several days have been incredibly busy. Most equipment has arrived, and I’ve been unpacking, organizing, reading manuals, learning, assembling, testing, installing programs, buying missing parts, and waiting for more stuff to come in. Additionally, setting up a home “office” in the basement has made this feel a little legit and truly independent.

Since we’re missing a part for the Red One, most of the tests have been focused on time lapse, lens, filters, and computer software. The Red part should come in Monday, then we’ll get more tests up with the big camera.

We have a new crew member! James Markham will be credited as Additional Music. He is a very talented musician who’s talent is taking pre-existing music, imitating it, modifying it, then making it his own to sound significantly different and avoiding copyright infringement.

All puzzles have arrived, and the packages are physically ready to send out to celebrities. We are waiting on advice from Michael Papajohn, then we’ll send them out.

A couple of promising individuals may help out in very real ways. I’ll update you as soon as they sign on.

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