Slide show, Casting soon!, Second draft underway

The slide show’s up! Will finished the pictures, and they’re all together in one spot. Also, the corresponding script excerpts from each scene can be found here: http://www.kentonbartlett.com/filmpics.htm.

Fenix unveiled his casting plan with loads of tangibles tonight. He made several template e-mails to use for the different phases of the process. He also created a flyer to be posted around the country to attract talent. Everything looks great, and all the materials are in place. We are on the brink of kicking things off and spreading the word!

The celebrity spreadsheet is complete. It lists approximately 170 actors and ranks them by a number of different variables: how hard is it going to be to attract them, have they done independent films in the past, etc. It also includes actor-specific reasons for why this film would be right for their career. Organizing it this way will help prioritize who we contact and get Amanda on the same page about each actor in the letter writing.

The site each celebrity actor will visit is now up and running. Following the example from the previous post… go to www.missingpiecescasting.com/johnnydepp. Right now, most of the content is only placeholders, but it will give an idea of what we’re going for.

We have a new potential crew member! Colleen Sturdevant is an experienced filmmaker living in New York who has worked on feature films such as Magnolia. She is very interested in helping with casting and is reviewing all the materials on the project to gauge her possible time commitment on the project. She is very qualified and would be an invaluable team member!

The script outline for the second draft is complete. Now it’s just going back through and adjusting the script to reflect all the changes. It’s a lot of re-thinking, re-ordering, and creating completely new scenes going in new directions.

John has gone to and is going on more film shoots to get extra experience to prepare for this film. He is applying what he learns to his research for this film. DJ is struggling to keep up with school and work, but he’s proactively trying to obtain equipment and secure some free time to start practicing.

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