Second Draft, $10,000, Casting Assistants, Research, etc.

Apologies for the late post, but the second draft is done! It also has a soundtrack. 21 songs corresponding to the musical ques in the script are online at www.kentonbartlett.com/script. Check out the music even if you don’t feel like reading through the whole script.

We are raising $10,000 in 25 days! We set up a collection at a fund-raising website called www.fundable.com. The link for our collection is as follows: https://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-03-06.7153748780. Send this link out to everybody you know :)

We have two new people on board! Tricialee Friedman and Hannah Ngae are working on the casting for the film. They will help with spreading the word on the project around the nation. Tricialee has been in several of my classes at school and has a huge interest in filmmaking. Hannah and I worked together at the movie theater several years ago. She aspires to be an actress and wants to do as much as she can in the film industry. They are both enthusiastic and we are very fortunate to have their help on this!

The celebrity casting campaign is moving forward steadily. Will has created several awesome designs for the puzzle for the actors (pics below). We are going to use the dark paint brush one. He also created the package design that we will send the puzzles in. Amanda and I met to ocme up with how we are going to convince celebrities to come on board. We also came up with a list of whom to contact first. The list is below (at the risk of breaking industry standards in posting this list, I have always been curious of which actors each movie considers – so apologies in advance for any actor reading this!!).

This week Abbott and I met for the first time. We had corresponded only through e-mail, so it was nice to actually sit down together.

I met with DJ this week too. He has been really stacked with work, school, and family responsibilities, and he won’t have time to practice the audio equipment extensively enough to become proficient with it for shooting. He is still committed to helping full time on the project, but we will need to recruit a proficient/motivated sound man for at least the first month of shooting (and DJ could work both months of the shoot – the first he would learn, the second he would know the ins and outs of it).

John and I are still on the research train. He went to a film shoot for some hands on experience and face-to-face question asking. I went around Home Depot to look into lighting and camera movement gear. I also went to several camera stores to ask a lot of in-depth questions about lenses and filters.

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