Locatin Scouting

Possible grocery store location (1.5 hours outside of B'ham). Ward Neely found this one.

Our Colorado "snow" location - very abandoned. See more pictures here (http://www.theronwelch.com/mountains/gore/dora/index.htm) I hope the link works when you read this. Jackie Glenn found this one and is helping w/ housing in Colorado :)

Truck loading zone (main character is a delivery man).

Tower #2. Our request is going up for Triana City Hall on June 22.

Tower #2.

Tower #2 base - no longer in use.

Tower #1 base.

One of two Triana city towers - both are awesome. This will be tower #1.

B'ham tower - mediocre.

We're shooting our short film here tomorrow.

Different quarry - still enormous.

Same quarry, different view.

The prize quarry - our request has been sent to corporate. This picture does not nearly do justice to this. The spec on the opposite side of the canyon is a full size dump truck.

Parking Lot - different view.

Parking lot near Birmingham.

North Carolina mountain view.

Harrison (brother) and I climbed a mountain in North Carolina to find a cool spot... we got to the top but nothing was amazing.

One possible industrial factory up in TN.

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