Third Draft and More

The third draft is finished! You can read it online at www.kentonbartlett.com/script. Two new songs for this draft are que 10 and que 17. E-mail me for the track-changes version.

Casting is moving along. Several friends have signed up to take charge of contacting institutions within a single state. We used a Facebook group to get people involved with it. We have had about 30 responses from interested actors/actresses. So far it’s been mainly friends, but several professional thespians have inquired.

We sent off the first 25 puzzles for production, and they will arrive in approximately two weeks. Will is finalizing the packaging designs so we can send them out. Christie submitted a draft of the letter to celebrities, and she is sending two more drafts tonight. By next week, we should have a finalized version and direction for how to go about sending these letters.

We posted an ad for used equipment on the Red Camera user forum. We have gotten several responses and advice on how to go about procuring equipment for production.

Abbott had her first chance to shine on the legal front this week. She drafted a professional, thorough, 4-page contract to be used in signing on our sound designer. We will slightly modify the contract for other crew members, but it was important to make the contract for the new person because we are essentially strangers and have not worked together in the past.

I spoke to Southwest Airlines brand manager. She said they would consider helping on the project if we included a scene involving airlines. I added the scene, sent the third draft over, and we should hear back from them soon with their decision. Hopefully we can get some free flights!

John and I have been doing a lot of heavy research to really figure out what we do and do not need so we can have our final purchase decision in the next couple weeks.

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